Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The South East Asian Committee for Advocacy (SEACA) is pleased to announce the holding of the Country Workshops on ASEAN in:

(1) Jogjakarta, Indonesia (February 14, 2011);

(2) Dili, Timor Leste (March 9-10, 2011); and

(3) Chiang Mai, Thailand for participants coming from inside Myanmar / Burma (March 28-29, 2011).

Now on its sixth year, the Country Workshops on ASEAN have been instrumental in bringing together human rights defenders, women’s rights advocates, environmental activists, academics, and media practitioners to discuss issues affecting the peoples of Southeast Asia. These processes have become one of the platforms for civil society organizations in the region in engaging the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the national level.

The objectives of the workshops are as follows:

1) To mobilize civil society in Myanmar, Jogjakarta in Indonesia, and in Timor Leste through sensitization and consensus building on civil society engagement with the ASEAN

2) To encourage participation in the Civil Society Parallel Activities in Indonesia in May 2011 during the 18th ASEAN Summit.

3) To heighten the visibility of civil society as advocates of peoples’ issues and foster civil society engagement with governments and the ASEAN.

As in the previous years, SEACA is working with its members and partner organizations in organizing these Country Workshops on ASEAN. If your own partners and members are interested in participating in these workshops please contact the following persons:

For Jogjakarta, Indonesia: Fathuddin Muchtar (YAYASAN SAMIN),

For Timor Leste: Armindo Dos Santos (FONGTIL),

For Burma / Myanmar (venue: Chiang Mai): Nattawadee Duangtadam (Chiang Mai University),

If you have other questions please contact SEACA.


SEACA/ South East Asian Committee for Advocacy

29 D Mayaman Street, UP Village 1101

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tel +63 2 920-6228



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